Water and Sewer Services

In our early years we installed water, sewer and communication piping, Today we have grown to the installation and repair of sophisticated pressurized steam and piping, municipal water distribution and filtrations systems as well as site storm, sanitary sewer and water collection and retention systems. Working in tight confined spaces is par for the course in some of these applications. Every effort to ensure a safe working environment is practiced throughout our operation and will not be jeopardized.

Whether we are working alongside a General Contractor or directly for the project owner, constant communications is a very vital part of the working plan. We pride ourselves in being proactive in each step of the installation. We also understand timelines and schedules, we apply our 20+ years of experience to assure your deadlines are not taken lightly and will work diligently in all weather/soil conditions to help meet or beat those time frames.

Whether you are planning a project expansion or new construction, you can be assured Wabash Utilities Inc. is the right choice for your utility contractor needs. With our construction diversity and very talented and trained crew members, we can help relieve the burden of searching for multiple contractors.

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