Tree Service

Farm Filed Tree Trimming
Wabash Utilities can help you get the most out of your farm ground. The SkyTrim is a rough terrain, rubber-tired vehicle with a telescoping boom and saw-type cutter head designed to trim trees. The Sky Trim, which has a 75ft Boom, will side trim and take care of the over grown trees and limbs alongside your fields and ditches. This will enable you to farm this otherwise wasted area. No more worries of scuffing up your farm equipment. The trimmed material can be ground to a mulch or removed from site.

Commercial and Residential Tree Service
Our company specializes in complete tree service including tree trimming, pruning, removal, tree stump removal and emergency tree removal service for commercial and residential customers. Our bucket trucks allow us to achieve the three variables that go with any job: time, quality, and affordability. The bucket trucks and associated tree trimming equipment allow us to be more efficient. Our crews are able to get the job done quickly and save on job costs. Along with our tree service, additional services include: brush and tree grinding and clearing.

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